Your Thing Will Be (Too) Obvious


As much as I have had so many wonderful ideas for my coaching specialization that would work beautifully, with groups of people I love, problems I understand and would love to help solve, I came to realize your thing is often so obvious you don’t even see it.

I was recently at in-person coach training, there to teach, which was incredible. But what was even more incredible was that my boss and teacher asked me to speak to the group about the topic of getting things done and outcomes. Not only that, but I also had other instructors approaching me, wanting to figure out how to hire me as their coach on this topic.

I’ve always been extremely interested in productivity, processes, and systems. I nerd out on software that speeds up your life, or how to bend time by solving a problem in a new way. I get more done than most people I know and everyone always is telling me how busy I am because I have so much going on.

Yes, I still struggle with thoughts about time scarcity from here and there, and I can find myself indulging in some emotions that are less than useful for making it happen, but overall, I do see that I am a scheduling ninja. (Another coach called me that recently, and it’s totally true.)

I am a badass when it comes to planning.

It is my superpower.

I am amazing at calendaring.

I crush it with efficiency and continue to get better.

I see so many entrepreneurs and coaches who are such a mess when it comes to getting things done, organization, planning, and systems. They want to scale their business, but they're in no position to hire an integrator yet, because they don't have the systems to hand over yet. They know something is going to have to change with the way they wing it and are so disorganized if they're ever going to grow to $1M and beyond.

This is my zone of genius.

I am an integrator at heart, it comes pretty naturally, and I can’t wait to coach and teach others how to crush it in their business with this work.