Why Digital Minimalism Will Change Your Game

Hey boss lady, is your digital world a mess? Learn about the many benefits to digital minimalism including, more focus, more efficiency, more time, more money, and more relaxation. Read this article to learn how you can take advantage of all these benefits and more!

This month, we’re diving into a concept called “digital minimalism.” Before we explore new ways of viewing your digital life with action recommendations, let’s first talk about what it even is and why I think it is essential for the lady entrepreneur.

What is minimalism?

Many people now think that minimalism is a hipster, trendy concept that is focused on having everything white and sparse.

Maybe you think it has to do with lack, and learning to live without.

Or maybe you think it’s all about that #vanlife.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Minimalists describe minimalism as a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. It doesn’t focus on telling you that there’s something inherently wrong with owning material possessions, it simply helps you refocus your life to what really matters.

I have found over the last six years or so of being an aspiring minimalist, that the more I practice the art, the more I am able to create space for what really matters in my life.

What is digital minimalism then?

In the same way, digital minimalism helps us to create the space for what we want to focus on in our digital world.

Many of us spend a majority of our time on our devices, moving from work to home, looking at screens constantly.

It’s almost as if we spend more time in the digital realm than even our physical realm.

If we were to only apply minimalism to our physical spaces, we’d be missing out on the benefits of also applying it to the digital.

Why does it matter?

The way that we organize our things is a direct reflection to how we organize and manage our minds.

The way we manage our minds directly impacts how we feel, what we do, and ultimately the results that we have in our lives.

If we want to run an efficient business and allocate our time to the most impactful value-producing activities for our clients, then we need to eliminate everything that steals our attention away from that purpose. Cluttered space, especially digital, can really slow us down. More mouse clicks, more searching, more notifications, more emails, more visual clutter takes our attention away from the main thing.

The more we can eliminate extraneous digital distraction, the more we can create meaningful work and stay in our zone of genius.

Plus, the level of thinking required to maintain actions that keep space clean and clear will also uplevel your business as a whole. The clearer you are in your own systems, the better the systems of your team, and ultimately your business, which will impact every area of the business, especially as you scale.

Smaller systematic tangling may not be as noticeable at six figures, and you may be able to get away with piecing together less efficient habits and systems at that level, but you better believe as you grow your team and business, these issues will become glaring.

Fix them now.

Build your business now how you would create it at seven figures and beyond.

How could it improve your life?

Imagine having more time to do the things you really want to be doing.

Imagine scrolling through your social media platforms only seeing photos you truly want to see, and scrolling only when you planned on it.

Rather than wasting time sifting through files and email, you spend it creating higher end offerings that your clients have been begging you for. While you’ve been getting distracted with all of the pings on your computer, you could have been coming up with better solutions for managing and utilizing your entire team.

And then, of course, you will have more free time and more time to relax, rather than expanding your workday with filler tasks that will expand as large as you’d let them instead of doing the real work.

This month I’ll teach you about how digital minimalism can impact your:

  • Desktop and home screens

  • Notifications

  • Communication (email, messages, voicemails)

  • Filing

  • Applications


xo, L.