The Real Reason You're Not Getting it Done

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We’re about to start the fourth and final quarter of 2018.

Let’s do a quick check in with where you’re at with where you told yourself you’d be at the end of 2018.

Did you set any big goals or intentions?

I set an impossible goal.

I truly thought it was decently impossible when I set it last December.

It was a stretch.

It was an income goal.

I set the goal because I knew if I were able to reach it, it was the domino I needed to reach the other goals I had for the year that required that level of income to accomplish.

Those “other goals” were to become officially certified as a life coach through The Life Coach School, to move to Texas, to make aggressive payments on my student loans, to travel, and to live more closely aligned to the lifestyle I desire for myself.

We’ll talk more about setting impossible goals in December and what it takes to make them reality, but before we go there, let’s make sure you’re on track for your 2018 goal, shall we?

First of all, do you remember what it was?

Ok, good.

If you haven’t created it yet, you may be tempted to jump ship entirely at this point in the year. Most people have completely forgotten their goals by now, or feel like it’s too late to readopt the goal because it wouldn’t have been the whole year.

Don’t be this person.

You have an entire quarter to either:

a) still make it happen

b) do the training and prep work necessary to do an even more amazing goal in 2019

Don’t sit on the bench and wait until the clock strikes midnight on the first. You’ll set yourself back further by doing that.

Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I accomplished my goal yet?”

Ask yourself, “Why am I not getting it done?”

Here’s what I’ve found when it comes to setting goals: you have to set them, commit to them, plan for them, and make it happen no matter what.

The middle part isn’t so sexy. The goal setting and goal achievement sounds way more exciting. The actual planning, sticking to the calendar, recalibrating, replanning, and sticking to your calendar again until it’s done–not so cute. But most often, it’s the way.

The main reason you don’t stick to your commitment to get it done and stay in your belief that it is as good as done is because of indulgent emotions.

Indulgent emotions are emotions that act as if they are necessary, but are completely optional, and keep you stuck.

Most often when I talk to entrepreneurs about why they are stuck, it’s because of an indulgent emotion that they’re just staying in because they’re so much safer and keep you from having to face more negative emotions such as shame, failure, humiliation, etc. or the risk of these.

In the next month, we’re going to dive into four of the most common indulgent emotions so you can see how these are not serving you and your goals.

Until then, get curious about why you haven’t yet created your goal for this year. Recommit to creating it and practicing the belief that it is as good as done.

You got this.

xo, L.