Confessions from a Constraint Fraud - A Goodbye


Beautiful ladyfriends,

While on vacation last week I had a huge realization and made a significant decision to close my private practices.

I have discovered many uncomfortable emotions when deciding to constrain. It has not been easy or fun.

But I know without a doubt it’s the perfect decision for me right now.

I, like many other humans, overcomplicate and overcommit.

It all seems so well intended. It’s exciting and fun to start new things.

But I’m realizing a lot of these behaviors are not serving me.

I desire deeply to constrain, simplify, and be completely committed to what I do commit to doing.

I got a recent promotion at my full time position, and I want to go all in there.

When I explore how I need to change and who I need to become to live into that position and beyond, I for sure do not have side gigs. Plus, it wasn’t at all fair to my clients or this business that I wasn’t fully able to show up for them/it either.

Not to mention my impossible goal for next year: 52 sabbaths while making more money than this year.

As a parting gift, I wrote some things that I learned and realized last week on vacation. There’s more of a goodbye letter there than here so make sure to download it below. It includes the final blog posts for the digital minimalism series, too. Enjoy all of the past blog posts until this website expires next autumn.

xo, L.

Lauren Cash