Life coaching for the single lady who wants to find her man without needing a drink.

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with planning,

just ask my parents.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve geeked out on planners, apps that increase efficiency and productivity, and finding simple solutions for speeding up systems.

Throughout my life, I’ve never just had one thing going on at a time, I’ve always masterfully handled #allthethings. Sure, for a while there I was pretty dramatic about being busy, overwhelmed, and stressed out, but regardless, I was still decently successful at getting things done more efficiently than most of my classmates. Many would find it hard to believe that not only did I work and go to school my entire undergrad and grad experience, but I also always had other gigs going on, whether it was my own blog, professional group involvement, or interning/volunteering.


You don’t juggle all of those responsibilities

without getting good at planning, calendaring, and systems.

My absolute favorite jobs over the years have been the ones that force me to use these skills. I remember loving working in my major’s office senior year, planning out all of the student’s course schedules during peer counseling sessions. I was a scheduling ninja back then too.

I always gravitate toward reading books and listening to podcasts on these subjects as well. I’m fascinated by simplifying systems, getting more done, and mastering productivity.


Around this time last year I learned How to Get it Done in Self Coaching Scholars (Brooke Castillo’s membership program offered through The Life Coach School). The process outlined in this program simply honed everything I had been learning over the years and was a game changer. I had known I wanted to start using more calendar blocking, but this process solidified it for me.

Now, after using that process, along with other hacks I’ve discovered myself, I’ve realized that this is my zone of genius. I get more done than most people do. I find scheduling and systems problems to be my favorite to solve in my day job. I’ve also noticed that many entrepreneurs that are visionaries struggle to hone these skills in order to scale their businesses.


Through this work I:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and busyness

  • More than quadrupled my income

  • Get more done than ever before

  • Upleveled my lifestyle

  • Found my dream career being an integrator for a visionary of a multimillion dollar company

… and so much more, and I’m just getting started.


I have had multiple people recently tell me that I am crushing it and that they want to hire me to help them get it together when it comes to getting more done. They’re right - I am crushing it.

While that’s a lot about me, I say it all because I know if I were you, I’d want to know my coach’s backstory. I’d want to know she was the one to coach me where I’m headed.


Exclusive Individual Deep Coaching

You don’t just need systems, organization, and structure. You need a complete mindset shift.

You need to know how to solve the problem of being the bottleneck of your organization. You want to figure out how to scale your business without hustling and grinding. You need to be able to have an efficient and organized team, working at their highest level–so we need to get you to your highest level.

Yes, we’ll work on creating systems, organization, work flow, and planning that works for you and your business, but we also can’t solve this for good by just working on your actions, we have to completely shift your mindset. While we’ll focus on your business, you’ll also notice that what shows up in your business, also shows up in other areas of your life, which is why each of my clients have coaching tailored specifically for their lives.

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Oh, and, my name is Lauren Cash. I'm certified life coach through The Life Coach School. I also have some other degrees and certifications, if you're into that sort of thing. I currently have a home base in Texas, but am pretty Californian at heart. I adore long walks right before nightfall, drinking lots of coffee, and all things personal development.